Kevin Kawashita- Director, Development Services


Ina Dang, Director, Hospitality Services
Ina brings over 20 years of experience in hospitality and early-stage startups to lead the teams' development of creative hospitality related projects. Ina is an unusual blend of sales and marketing and operations, from sales director to hotel general manager. 

Jeremy Liu- Managing Director
Jeremy is an experienced mixed-use real estate developer and chief executive with a unique background in urban and community planning, creative placemaking and technology programs.  He has overseen a 110+ staff and a budget of $10 million in annual revenue with more than $150 million in assets. Under his leadership, projects as large as $130 million and 350,000 square feet have been designed, permitted and built. He also designed and raised initial capital for the first real estate investment fund to be screened for positive social determinants of health impacts. 

Jason Vargas- Director, Finance and Investment
Jason has engineered transactions totaling over $800M which include office, housing, retail and mixed-use development and investment projects in Washington, DC, Maryland and the Bay Area in over 15 years of real estate, acquisition and investment management.  Additionally, Mr. Vargas has structured investments with New Market, Low Income and Historic Tax Credits.


Randolph Belle- Director, Community and Government Affairs
In over 25 years as an artist, entrepreneur, and project manager, Randolph has launched numerous commercial and civic endeavors, encouraging responsible community development and capitalizing on the vast wealth of arts activity in the Bay Area.  With expertise in design, communications and public affairs, Randolph has participated in the facilitation of large-scale community benefit campaigns and real estate developments in Oakland and San Francisco.

Jesse Biringer, Director, Marketing and Operations
Jesse brings products and services with a positive social impact to market. She has experience creating strategic cross-sector partnerships, marketing human resource software and services to corporations, and developing new products and services. Her role at CDP draws on her work as a manager of financial services for low-income families for a nationally-recognized not-for-profit community development corporation. She received her MBA from Mills College‚Äôs renowned social responsibility business school.