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Equitable Hospitality Accelerator

CDP'S Equitable Hospitality Accelerator: Transforming the Hospitality Industry to Empower Workers & Benefit Communities

COVID-19’s impact on the hospitality industry creates a once-in-many-lifetimes opportunity to integrate a racial equity approach to rebuilding the sector from nearly the ground up.CDP’s Equitable Hospitality Accelerator is focused on redesigning hospitality over the next five years using our core competencies: community benefit real estate development, worker-centric job training, venture incubation, and racial equity strategy.​​

Current Projects

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The Town Hotels

The Town Hotels is a an Oakland, California based boutique hotel group focused on creating unique welcoming accommodations that benefit the local community. 


To learn more about how to get involved in this exciting new  development project,

visit The Town Hotels.

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TalentEd Hospitality

CDP's new job training platform focuses on engaging and training hotel workers who are motivated to advance but are traditionally pigeon-holed into low wage positions. In response to the current national crisis and its impact on both the hotel industry and hospitality workers, TalentEd seeks to accelerate recovery and support unemployed workers by offering online upskilling and reskilling opportunities.


Our mission is to build the hospitality workforce of the future - talented, upwardly mobile workers earning fair wages and making meaningful contributions that will sustain the industry. The long term vision also includes offering employee training as a service to hotel management.  

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Ideal Hotel

A social franchise venture focused on building wealth and financial stability for hotel housekeepers through ownership, Ideal aims to become the leading third-party housekeeping provider in the San Francisco Bay Area and California.


Ideal offers flexible, high-quality turnkey housekeeping services with a unique emphasis on investing in the success of its workers. The business model addresses both current industry challenges, e.g. sanitation and fluctuating demand, and long-term inefficiencies and inequities within the hotel labor market. With this in mind, we plan to take Ideal to scale - serving the needs of an expanding network of hotels and housekeepers.


The initial business is being launched by a team of Latina and Asian American women with over 100 years of combined hotel management experience. The long term vision is to provide training, certification, benefits, and business operations support to this expanded Ideal  network.  Visit the Ideal Hotel Services website.

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PTG Linen

An established commercial industrial laundry company currently serving small-to-midsize hotels and independent restaurants in 9 Bay Area counties.  PTG Linen's revenues have grown by 30% since 2017 under the leadership of CDP's principles, delivering high-quality service while building triple bottom line value.


The company remains profitable despite present market conditions and is poised to grow.  PTG Linen Service provides backbone infrastructure to support CDP's workforce innovations. PTG is one of the largest independently owned commercial laundries in the Bay Area. 

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